Ankara University regards ensuring gender equality in scientific research and development processes and in institution culture as a strategic matter. It is the responsibility of our university to create equal opportunities for scientists from the beginning to the end of their academic lives and to offer diversity in academic life. By force of being among the leader universities both in a national and international level, the main administrative mentality of our university is based on the ground of developing and practicing a policy which provides balance, diversity and equal rights among male and female academics. The Gender Equality Action Plan aims to overcome the issues that maintain inequality between male and female academics in the institutional academic structure in medium terms. Ankara University will work on three strategic objectives in terms of gender equality:


Knowledge building and information networking: In Ankara University, it has been aimed to develop gender equality point of view and expand it to the whole organizational structure. An atmosphere which will support gender diversity in different disciplines will be created. In this direction, information sharing should be enabled among the stakeholders of University, good practices providing positive models and results should be increased and supported. Gender awareness must be created in every academic units of University and at managerial levels as well as in the level of faculties, schools, and departments in order to make gender equality point of view as a clearer management priority. Furthermore it is of great importance to transmit the above mentioned practices, their results and also gender equality perspective to the social sphere.


Secure a gender equality perspective as a management priority on administrative levels of the various units and in the level of university administration: University’s supports the gender equality policies in the administrative level is of great importance for female academics to take place in administration policies and strategies in every level and to integrate their perspective with the organizational culture. By this way, an institutional motivation which will make their academic career continue will have been created for the academics of the new generation to participate in scientific research and development activities.


To Increase the proportion of women in senior leadership positions particularly at the Rectorate, Vice-Chancellor level, and including Deans, Chair of Departments and Senior Managers and to strengthen the presence of female academics’ senior positions: Increasing number of the women who are assigned in senior positions at administrative levels will result in the strengthening of practices that provide gender equality, will create successful role models, and will comprise a basis for the dissemination of information regarding the convenient recruitment positions for which women will be employed.